Welcome to the MT4 Trade Systems website! Here is a quick briefing on our program from the 15 year full-time trader who built the systems we trade...

The MT4TradeSystems website will present a range of trading systems in 2017 starting with the FX Shift System in May of 2017.


Here is detailed information on the first MT4 Trade System we will offer on a monthly subscription basis...

The "FX Shift System" was designed for very efficient Forex trading as you track high momentum moves of price. This system was built for quick scalping and intraday position trading. Regardless of your trading style, you will find the FX Shift System very simple to use with our automated signals & audible alerts features.
Here is what we include with your FX Shift System for the MT4 platform...
TrendRenko.ex4  (Hybrid Renko Candlesticks)
HA_Shift.ex4  (Hybrid Heiken Ashi Overlay Indicator)
Momentum_Shift.ex4  (Lower Panel Hybrid Momentum Indicator)
Trend_Shift_Signals.ex4  (The automated "Arrows" and "Alerts" Indicator)
FX Shift System Template  (For MT4 Platform)
The FX Shift System was built by a 15 year full-time trader who trades this system in a range of systems on a daily basis. To access the FX Shift System we have set up a sophisticated system activation/deactivation process for our subscribers. Once you purchase your monthly subscription we will send you a "Welcome" email requesting some simple MT4 trade platform information. With the MT4 platform info you send back to us we will then provide access to the MT4 tools downloads from our secured Members page. We also "activate" the system tools to operate on your platform at that time.
At anytime you want to cancel your subscription that is no problem - just contact us by email and we will cancel your monthly recurring billing and set your FX Shift System tools to deactivate (stop working on your platform) at the end of that period you already paid for.
Are you ready to deal with an attentive company and trade with higher end trading tools?
Our program offers ongoing attentive daily email support and FREE upgrades any time the FX Shift System is updated. We are full-time Forex traders and we monitor our email 7 days a week. This is NOT one of those typical junk Forex systems you pay $199.00 for and then never hear from the website owners again - until they have a new junk system to SELL you! If you are ready for attentive support, contact with full-time Forex traders, and a range of trade systems you can use in the months ahead then you are in the right place! Remember, this is just the first system we will offer through our 79.00 a month subscription plan. In the weeks ahead, we will add another FX system to the program and that will be covered by the monthly 79.00 subscription plan. Once the second system is released to our active subscribers we will raise pricing for the monthly subscription plan. This is the perfect time to take advantage of our low launch offer pricing!

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